Five Year Development Plan

​As per the proposed Government vision long term strategic development plan to improve the life / living standard of the peoples by providing them optimum health, education, improving their socio-economic condition and other basic facilities to the public of the area.

Salient Features

  • ​Up-gradation of THQs Hospitals
  • Establishment of New DHQ
  • Establishment of Trauma Center
  • Renovation of RCHs and BHUs
  • Establishment of Thalassemia Centre
  • Re-Construction of Dangerous School Buildings
  • Up-gradation of Schools
  • Provision of Class Rooms in Shelter less Schools
  • Establishment of Mango Research Station
  • Establishment of Pesticide and Fertilizer Quality Control Lab
  • Construction of Strategic Roads
  • Repair / Restoration of Existing Roads Network
  • Provision of Water Supply / Clean Drinking Water
  • Provision of Sewerage / Sanitation Facilities
  • Provision of Busses for Government Colleges
  • Construction of Union Council offices for better service delivery

Land Dispute Resolution Committees (LDRC)

  • To provide immediate relief to the public against long outstanding land related disputes
  • To serve them at the door step, within the ambit of law yet without putting them into lengthy and cumbersome judicial procedures
  • To receive complaints regarding land disputes
  • To call for hearing the parties concerned
  • To examine revenue record
  • To recommend to the Deputy Commissioner and District Police Officer necessary action after hearing the parties, examining the record and inspecting the site
  • To hold weekly meetings
  • To communicate regular progress of cases to the DC and DPO
  • To take action against encroachment on the state land
  • Any other land related matter referred to the DC and DPO

District Relief Fund

  • To provide financial and technical assistance to poor, needy and physically challenged people of the district in collaboration with civil society, entrepreneurs, Anjuam Tajiran and media
  • Progress Report of District Relief Fun
  • Reforms And Achievements

Initiative To Address The Pendency In Judicial Cases

  • Cases have been categorized as per pendency
  • Weekly targets have been given to all revenue officers
  • Specific timelines have been given for completion of cases
  • Monitoring is done on monthly basis in Revenue meeting by the District Collector

Initiative In Revenue Administration

  • Registry passed by sub-registrar is entered in LRMIS record on same day
  • Liaison has been done with NADRA for access to authentic record in order to avoid fraud / malafide
  • Inherence mutation is immediately followed by partition proceeding so that Joint holding shall be converted into separate holdings

Initiative In General Administration

  • Daily hearing of complaints received in DCs complaint cell, from 10-12, in presence of all district heads
  • Establishment of one window operation for acquiring NOCs for petrol pumps and housing colonies
  • Daily hearings to redress service and personal matters of employees of various departments
  • Holding of weekly Khuli Kachehri by DC & DPO